Frequently Asked Questions

What is IdeaBoardz ?
IdeaBoardz is a team collaboration tool. It allows teams to collectively brainstorm, gather inputs, reflect and retrospect. It is especially useful for teams that are distributed geographically. It is also handy for teams to collect inputs over some days and then meet to discuss them.
What do people use it for ?
Most teams use IdeaBoardz to conduct Project Retrospective meetings. We know of teams who have used it for other types of brainstorming exercises like six thinking hats, pros-cons, risks-opportunities. We ourselves are using it to gather feedback and new ideas for IdeaBoardz.
How do I share a ideaboard I created ?
You can just copy the url from the browser and paste it to share via email, twitter etc.
Do you have an e-mail support address?
Send us your complains, queries or suggestions @ideaboardz on twitter
Who created Ideaboardz ?
Anand Agrawal , Anay Nayak, Atreyee Maiti , Chirag Doshi , Dhaval Doshi , Divyanshu Mohan have been contributing to the application in various ways.
Do I need to pay for using IdeaBoardz ?
No. It is free.

FAQ on Login

Why Login?
Its for your ease to remember the visited boardz. Login is optional, you can choose not to login and still use IdeaBoardz.
Do you store any of my information from my gmail account?
We store only your name and email id to identify you when you visit next.
Would you use my email id to spam me?
We follow no spam policy. You would not receive a single email from IdeaBoardz.